A near-native French speaker, I’ve spent considerable time living in francophone countries to bring insider linguistic and cultural knowledge to your source text. Applying for your Italian citizenship? I did too—let’s get working on the forms. English-to-English translation?? It’s a “thing”. Originally from the US and now based in the UK, I help companies localize (localise!) their message across the Pond, whether it’s cultural or colloquial, cars or crucial finance—or just simply knowing your trousers from your “pants”.

French > US & UK English translation, transcreation, localization & subtitling​

UK <> US English translation, localization, writing, editing & proofreading

Italian > US & UK English


  • Background in international sales, marketing, management and politics; sustainability and development; hotels and tourism; antiques, art and architecture; fashion and design

  • Work and studies in Paris, Brussels and the US

Examples of projects:


  • Corporate communications, HR testing, financial statements and a contract law training program for various global companies

  • A complete website for a French IT consultancy

  • ​All customer-facing media, website updates, interviews and fashion edits for a major European fashion retailer in the US

  • Cosmetics and perfume advertising

  • ​Dozens of hotel websites for a global luxury hotel brand

  • ​An 11,000-word contract for the defense industry

  • 17th, 18th and 19th century French antiques essays and glossaries for a prestigious Paris vendor

  • Telecoms rate sheets, brochures and end-user manuals

  • Internal communications and reports for a West African grassroots development organization

  • Subtitling for an Ebola documentary

  • Medical diagnoses, forms and billing for overseas insurance reimbursement

  • Personal documents and academic transcripts

  • Environmental, political and art history pieces



US: Drexel University, Philadelphia: Global Studies with French, Italian, German; Penn State University: French and Italian languages and literature


Paris:​ L'ECCIP (now Novancia Business School), Paris: French business language and practices; French economy and literature.

  •  Translation internship at Alcatel, Paris


Brussels: Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels: European Union History, Structure and Politics;

  •  Internship in packaging design/localization and consumer labeling at Design Board